Parking No more lost guests.

With Pair, the guest books their own parking space ahead of time and can rest assured that everything is in order before they arrive.

Image of Parking

Adaptive booking page

Simplify your and your guests' booking experience with an adaptive booking page. The page supports personalized pricing, special offers, and any unique requirements, ensuring a seamless booking experience. To ensure maximum conversion the page is optimized for all devices.

Automated payment

Offer your guests a simplified and streamlined experience by enabling them to pay for parking in advance of their stay.

Less communication, but better

Experience the convenience of Pair as we effortlessly send all relevant parking information to your guests via email, SMS, or push notifications upon booking. Free up valuable time by eliminating parking logistics discussions, allowing you to focus on enhancing the overall guest experience.

Hotel parking 2.0

Secure solutions

Pair is a flexible tool with resource optimization at heart, and we prioritize safety and security from the start.

Unlock the garage door

Gain secure and effortless access to previously locked garages with our advanced digital locking device. Expand your possibilities by unlocking garages that were once restricted to external guests, ensuring security and peace of mind.

Incorporating surveillance companies

Partnering with multiple security companies and their systems, we offer seamless integration for new collaborators. Is your security company not among them? No problem! Our solution easily integrates with new partners, ensuring a smooth transition.