Charging Stay charged.

Charging an electric car is just as easy as booking a parking space. Guests receives electricity in the right place at the right time.

Image of Charging

Parking for electric cars

Pair provides customized solutions that are tailored to the needs of your hotel and guests.

Charge and relax

Our app makes it simple to enable and disable charging, and handle payment. After a night at your hotel, guests can rest assured that both they and their vehicle are fully charged and ready to go.

Empowering your guests

With Pair Recharge, your guests can easily start, stop and pay for their charging sessions using the app, without any additional administrative assistance required from your staff.

A premium service

Pair takes care of charging cars through a self-operating system. An excellent choice if you're looking to optimize the number of charging sessions at your hotel, or expand your range of options by offering an extra premium service.

Future-proof charging

Smart and secure

We begin the charging station installation with an analysis of your hotel's design, available parking spaces, future plans, and occupancy rate. With Pair, your charging solution is developed with the best possible infrastructure and equipment, right from the start.

Clever energy management

Pair uses dynamic load balancing to optimize energy consumption. This means our charging boxes communicate with your electrical panel and only use the available energy. The hotel and guests always receive optimal charging.

A long-term affair

Optimizing electricity consumption helps to future-proof the hotel's operations, allowing you to stay ahead of the evolving EV market and accommodate the increasing needs of your guests by adding more charging points as necessary.

Investment model

In it together

We offer two different models for setting up charging points in your garage. With one model, we take on the biggest investment for the installation and purchase of the charging boxes, while with the other model, the investment is on your end.