Administration All-in-one tool.

Our administration tool handles everything from booking to payment, making parking management a breeze for your hotel business. All our services are designed to provide such convenience that you'll hardly remember having to worry about parking spaces.

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Booking on your terms

Pair offers flexible solutions adapted to your hotel, and your guests.

Parking as an option

Empower guests to book and pay for parking alongside their room reservation. With just a few clicks, guests can add a parking or charging spot to their stay after receiving booking confirmation. Charging fees are calculated based on electricity usage and paid at the end of the charging session.

Complete control

Gain complete control over your guests' parking and charging options. You can easily view their bookings, adjust them as needed, and even start or stop charging remotely. In addition, you can communicate with guests directly through the platform, ensuring a seamless experience.

Organize the parking area

With Pair it’s always easy to modify, add, or remove parking and charging spots at any time. Our system gives you full control over what can be reserved and utilized, down to the specific site level.

More time for service

Easier administration

Administration shouldn't be a hassle. Our intuitive and user-friendly platform allows you to stay up-to-date and make necessary changes effortlessly, giving you more time to focus on what really matters.

Customized offers

Create and update offers that match your guests' needs, and your daily operations. Tailor your offers to suit your business needs with our support for dynamic pricing and group-specific offers.

Increase your occupancy

Pair streamlines everything your guests need for booking, payment, communication, and access to parking spaces. Top hotel chains like Best Western and Nordic Choice already rely on Pair to boost occupancy rates and enhance operational profitability.

Optimize space usage

Pair ensures that no parking or charging spot goes to waste. Maximize revenue and occupancy by opening up unused parking and charging spaces to external visitors during periods of low occupancy.

Maximize bookings

Pair was created to address the issue of underutilized parking spaces. Our analysis tool provides valuable insights and practical tips to optimize the utilization of each parking space.

Built-in security

Feel secure when welcoming external visitors to your premises. With Pair Parking, you can have control over their vehicles and parking activities.